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Mollie and her six pups in our largest Birthing Box

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Whelping & Kittening Boxes

Hygienic disposable boxes for kittening and whelping are designed to provide the right kind of environment for the mother during birth and the necessary security for her new and growing family.

  • Easy self-assembly
  • Double walled for strength
  • Waterproof inner tray
  • Natural insulation
  • No more disinfecting
  • No more storage

Very early on in my time as a dog breeder, I discovered that the best way to whelp bitches was in cardboard boxes. These were untouched by animal paw, didn't need disinfecting and when finished with they could be burnt. In addition the bitches seemed more comfortable too.

The boxes are made of cardboard, double walled. They come in a flat-pack, about 3" high and they have a waterproof tray. They also come with a booklet on whelping and kittening which has been much appreciated by those of you new to breeding. We usually deliver the boxes, excluding weekends, within two days. However, we appreciate an allowance of at least a week if possible.

Another happy customer

"Some years ago I disposed of my wooden whelping box - I needed more space and two years ago I found myself with a Spaniel who'd had a liason with my Labrador! Yes, all MY fault !! I did not wish to have a permanent, large box again so I looked on the internet and saw some very dubious looking cardboard contraptions and was becoming quite depressed until I eventually found a site showing Newborn Whelping beds which looked considerably better. With some trepidation I ordered, and paid for the bed. It arrived promptly and was fairly easy to construct on my own ( I am quite short and it was quite long ).

Madam had her pups. The bed DID NOT leak and stood up well to 6 Springerdors and their mum for several weeks. When they were old enough to go into an outside kennel ( for the last 3 weeks or so ) I did not have to scrub, bleach or disinfect it then leave it to dry out and take up lots of room. The most difficult part was tearing it up ( it was very tough ) and putting it in the dustbin.

My Lab bitch is now in season and I hope to put her to my Lab dog ( father of the Springerdors ) and if all goes to plan I WILL be ordering another Newborn, disposable whelping bed and do recommend them.

As a point of interest my bitch, Ashe, WAS born in a NEWBORN bed along with her 7 siblings."

Jenny Woodham

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